Tate & Sons Ltd. London Wooden Crate

Henry Tate & Sons Ltd. London Sugar Cube Wooden Crate

Tate & Sons Ltd. London Wooden Crate
Sugar baron and true art lover, Henry Tate was the person who made the sugar cube popular. When Henry was only 20 years old, he purchased a Liverpool grocery store, which he ultimately expanded to six locations in Liverpool. In 1859 he made a huge leap into the sugar business, from which made Henry Tate a multi-millionaire. Henry donated not only his art, but built the gallery to display them. Tate wanted the new gallery to be called “The National Gallery of British Art, but to his dismay, everyone referred to it as; The Tate Gallery.
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Era: Antique
  • Age: circa 1890-1900
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 17.5 inches
  • Depth: 15 inches
  • Length/Width: 20.5 inches

Item Number: RH61035

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