Antique French Napoleonic Imperial Eagle Mirror

Antique French Napoleonic Imperial Eagle Mirror

Antique French Napoleonic Imperial Eagle Mirror

Late 19th century

Striking original antique French Napoleon III mirror highlighted with a majestic eagle up top overseeing it all. Usually associated with Federal furniture, eagles have been a large part of history for many different countries and heritages, for hundreds and hundreds of years. This awesome bird is extremely well executed with its numerous intricate details, contrasting ever so well with the simple elegance of the black and gilt frame.

Befitting for most any room of the home, this refined and distinctive mirror would be perfect in the library, entry foyer, or even the master bath. Do not miss this regal and sophisticated antique mirror.

French Imperial Eagle (Aigle de drapeau, lit. "flag eagle") refers to the figure of an eagle on a staff carried into battle as a standard by the Grande Armée of Napoleon I during the Napoleonic Wars. Although they were presented with Regimental Colours, the regiments of Napoleon I tended to carry at their head the Imperial Eagle. This was the bronze sculpture of an eagle weighing 1.85 kg, mounted on top of the blue regimental flagpole. They were made from six separately cast pieces designed along Roman lines and, when assembled, measured 310 mm in height and 255 mm in width. On the base would be the regiment's number or, in the case of the Guard, Garde Impériale. The Eagle bore the same significance to French Imperial regiments as the colours did to British regiments - to lose the Eagle would bring shame to the regiment, who had pledged to defend it to the death.

Upon Napoleon's fall, the restored monarchy of Louis XVIII of France ordered all eagles to be destroyed and only a very small number escaped. When the former emperor returned to power in 1815 (known as the Hundred Days) he immediately had more eagles produced, although the quality did not match the originals. The workmanship was of a lesser quality and the main distinguishing changes had the new models with closed beaks and they were set in a more crouched posture. ** Depth provided was taken at the eagle. The frame is 1.88" deep.

  • Country of Origin: France
  • Era: Antique
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 43 inches
  • Depth: 5.2 inches
  • Length/Width: 32.63 inches

Item Number: j1459

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