Custom 14’ Walnut Dining Table with 2-18” Leaves

Custom 14’ Walnut Dining Table with 2-18” Leaves

Custom 14’ Walnut Dining Table with 2-18” Leaves

Heavens to Betsy, have you ever seen such a breathtaking table? Handmade utilizing old world techniques and craftsmanship, this table will feed an entire gaggle of folks. Constructed from 3” thick solid walnut planks, this table has all the look of an antique without any of the issues. Unique designs were expertly constructed for the bases, making double-sure they would support this monstrous table. If the 14 feet were not enough, our clients requested we make two matching 18” leaves for either end extending to a full 17’. The next issue was, how to add 2-18 x 48 x 3” leaves without them sagging or even worse injuring a friend or family member.

Well, it was decided to add solid steel sliding lopers from beneath each end, they worked flawlessly. Everything was well planned for this table; we thought about someone owning it for many years to come and tried to remedy any issues beforehand. Butterflies between the boards that construct the exquisite top compensate for expansion and contraction of the joints, while recessed solid steel beams reinforce it so it will never droop or sag and the legs were made detachable for easier moving. If you are searching for the finest antique and/or custom bespoke furnishings around, look no farther as Old Plank is a world renowned and proven leader.

Make it your own! We are pleased to accommodate your design needs. Send us your desired dimensions and materials and we will make it possible. Click here for a quote.

  • Era: Custom Made
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Depth: 48 inches
  • Length/Width: 168 to 204 inches

Item Number: opc1038

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