French Metal Garden Dining Chairs

French Metal Garden Dining Chairs

French Metal Garden Dining Chairs
Very unusual set of eight, vintage French metal garden dining chairs, probably made in the 1950s. You can still see traces of the original soft green paint hiding amidst the brown surface rust. Our old plank restoration department, can either clear coat the chairs, with a commercial clear rust proof material or repaint if you like? Personally, I like them as is. Measurements provided are for the side chairs. The armchairs are 38" high x 17"seat height x 19.5" wide and 21" deep. The lower seat height, allows for a cushion to be made for the seats.
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Era: Vintage
  • Age: circa 1905s
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 41.5 inches
  • Depth: 20.5 inches
  • Length/Width: 15.5 inches

Item Number: j2065a

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