Antique Gilded Large Mirror from Ireland

Antique Gilded very Large Mirror from Ireland with Old Glass

Antique Gilded Large Mirror from Ireland
Large Antique Gilded Mirror, that we purchased in the town of Leek, England, about 20 years ago. When we first found the mirror, at what was our favorite antique store, until the owner sadly passed (Roger Haynes Antique Finder), Roger told us that he had just received the antique gilded mirror from Ireland, which does not necessarily mean it was made in Ireland, but the possibility exists, for it does not match any gilded mirrors that we have imported from France. The glass itself is quite old and the gilded mirror frame, is old enough to have seen numerous prior repairs, although they do look fairly well executed. Very large and very heavy, so we have manufactured a special steel bracket that will go with the mirror. **Left side and bottom are not straight
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Era: Antique
  • Age: circa 1820-1850
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 58.25 inches
  • Depth: 2.5 inches
  • Length/Width: 35.13 inches

Item Number: RH21139

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