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Old Plank uses many different resources and buyers that we employ in France to purchase our antiques and appraise their worth in the United States and other countries. Employees at the Old Plank Showroom or at are not licensed or qualified to appraise any antiques with a monetary value for customers or the general public. Therefore, we cannot appraise any antiques or furniture of any kind which are not owned by Old Plank for selling to the public. We suggest a qualified, professional appaiser who makes it their own business to appraise antique furniture only.
In the Chicago area, we have had good success sending our clients to.....
Kramer and Associates (this is not a paid endorsement and we offer this information only as a service to our customers)
Chicago, Illinois

Selling French Antique Furniture

Old Plank has been a very successful antique furniture and especially French Antique Furniture business for over 20+ years in the Chicagoland area. We have changed many times during these 20 plus years to our clientele and their wishes. What sells and is hot one minute, can be totally dead the next. Old Plank buys the majority of their antiques from Europe, and more specifically, France. The owners and buyers of Old Plank make numerous trips to Europe and buy multiple overseas containers of antiques and ship them to our warehouse/showroom in Chicago.
We get numerous requests and phone calls from individual clients, customers and the general public to purchase their antiques, vintage items or old furniture. Although we would like to help sell everyone's gems, we have to be realistic with the majority of the items that we are presented with. Our clientele is looking for items that can be functional in their home and be considered the upmost of quality while being an authentic antique. If we do buy from an individual, we have a hard time acknowledging the authenticity of the antique.
If you have an antique (furniture only, no stamps, no coins, no china, no silverware) and can prove that the item is from France, Italy or another European country, we may have an interest. Please send two pictures max. to this e-mail address only.... [email protected] and any explanation you could give us would be great. We will respond back within a few days, if you haven't heard anything please e-mail us again at the same e-mail address. Calls to the store will only complicate things since the employees won't know anything about the pictures you have sent. Please don't use our chat service on the website, any other e-mails, stop by the showroom with your antique or call the showroom. This helps us greatly and we appreciate your help with this matter. 
We are currently not interested in consignment of any antique furniture at this time, sorry. Please contact a local consignment store. We have recommended the following consignment companies:


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