Antique Spanish Colonial Style Bed Queen

Antique French or Spanish Colonial Style Bed, Converted to a Queen Size Bed

Antique Spanish Colonial Style Bed Queen
Antique Spanish Colonial Queen Size Bed. Yes, this could be a bit of an oxymoron, for how could a 17th century, Spanish Colonial bed, possibly accept a standard American queen size mattress? Well, in most cases, you would be absolutely correct, it can’t, except, had not the highly skilled artisans, at Old Plank Road, not accepted the challenge, to convert this antique Spanish Colonial bed, into something more useful, like an American Queen size mattress. Our Old Plank workshop, took an exceptionally tired bed and basically, sliced and diced it, to the tune of 240 hours of labor, until it became a modern, incredibly good looking, queen size bed, crafted in the late 1600’s. Although this now queen size Spanish Colonial bed, was purchased in the Dordogne region, (section in southwest France, between the Loire Valley and Pyrenees), it is our opinion, that the antique bed leans more to the Spanish Colonial look, than French. The bed’s history, as best we can piecemeal together, is that it probably came from the Abbey of Chancelade, created around 1129, where the Monks had chosen the rule of St. Augustine. The abbey experienced rapid growth and after the two major wars, the 100 Year and the War of Religion, there were only ruins remaining. By 1614, Alain de Solminihac had agreed to succeed his uncle, as Abbot Commendatory de Chancelade. After Alain was ordained, he moved to Chancelade and successfully began the restoration of the abbey and completed his work by 1623. In 1992, the local bishop requested the community of Saint-Victor, to take over the Abbey. By 1998 the restoration project began in earnest. The village of Saint-Victor is a small community located in the southwest region of France.

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  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Era: Custom Made
  • Age: circa 1690-1730
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 64.75 inches
  • Depth: 64.75 inches
  • Length/Width: 87.5 inches

Item Number: OPCB

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