Authentic Vintage "Bomber" Leather Club Chair

Authentic Vintage "Bomber" Leather Club Chair

Authentic Vintage "Bomber" Leather Club Chair

Whoa! Stop here and admire the enticing great looks of this dynamite vintage French club chair. Completely resurrected from the ground up, this chair offers an extreme handsome appearance mated with uber awesome comfort. If you have never experienced a true vintage French example, then you're in for an amazing treat. Different shapes and sizes, leather and cloth are available but, one thing remains, unbelievable and unmatched comfort. I will not lie, this fine chair was a wreck when it arrived, springs bulging, ratty dried up crumbly leather and so on. My buyer could however, see the forest through the trees and I'm so glad he did. This waterfall style example is not only eye catching but, is so comfortable, you'll be dozing in no time. My own in-house conservation team took this basket case on with skilled intentions to breathe new life into this poor chair. Done so well, that many a novice would think it authentically old due to its buttery soft distressed black bomber leather upholstery.


Unfortunately it wasn't just that easy. Many man hours were spent on this chair to get it to where it sits today. We disposed of the original crumbly leather, removed the worn out springs and horsehair and were finally able to thoroughly check the carcass. We found loose joints, so we cleaned them of the old glue and reglued them all, we even added gusseted corner blocks to ensure a long life. My expert upholstery team then took the now rock solid and sturdy frame as their blank canvas. They constructed a new base platform, installing new webbing, 8 way hand-tied springs and new sterile horsehair before moving to the arms. The arms and back also receive new horsehair before any leather or fabric can be applied. Once the desired upholstery has arrived, the upholsterer's get to measuring and cutting their medium. In this case an OMG, buttery soft, black distressed bomber leather was chosen that will make you swoon as you touch it. Each and every nail is then hand set, there are no cheap nor inferior nail strips used. It is finally on it's last test, the comfort test, where we actually take the time and sit in every chair, making absolute sure that it sits just like it should A springy, bounce in the seat, sturdy cushioned arms and a luxurious sloping supporting back and the feel of a gently used chair just not hard nor super soft. We want them to sit just right like Momma Bear's porridge, providing years and years of faithful relaxation and enjoyment.


  • Country of Origin: France
  • Era: Vintage
  • Age: 1930s
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 30.5, 17 inches
  • Depth: 35.75 inches
  • Length/Width: 28 inches

Item Number: misc401

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