Top 10 Antique Blogs to Follow in 2015

Monday, January 5th, 2015 | Antiques with 1 Comment

In recent years, adding antique or vintage furniture pieces to interiors has become a rising trend. With 2014 behind us, we’ve decided to dig up the most informative and inspiring antique blogs around the web.

Some of these blogs are quite well-known while others are new blogs that have already caught our attention. That said, here’s our top 10 antique blogs to follow in 2015. Enjoy!

Homes & Antiques

H&A is a go-to resource for antiques and heritage interiors. It features vintage decorating ideas, must-read guides on collecting antiques and collectibles, up-to-date fairs and auctions, shopping guides as well as antiques travel explorations. H&A is packed with news and ideas that can help antique lovers make their dreams a reality.

The Quill

This blog by U.S. Antique Shows gives collectors and enthusiasts a clearer view into the world of antiques, vintage jewelry, and watches. We get to read about antique jewelry, Art Deco, consumer tips, jewelry history as well as insights from antique dealers across the globe.

Judith Miller’s Blog

The Antiques Roadshow specialist and author of numerous Miller’s Guides keeps us updated with posts about fairs she’s been to, overseas adventures on book tours, as well as interesting details on antique finds and vintage pieces.

Antique Trader Blog

This blog features posts from Antique Trader writers and industry professionals. Here, readers can see relevant news, shows, shops and auctions that will help them find what they are looking for. It also shares antique-related advice that will get them closer to the pieces they seek.

Art Antiques Design

This online community for antiques, art, and design gives industry insiders a communication tool. It is a trusted channel by art market professionals, interior designers, collectors and exhibitors that is updated regularly by professional journalists and retail experts.

My Old Country House

This blog is where Lesli DeVito showcases the many facets of herself as an artist, a mom, a photographer, and decorator. In “The House” portion of her blog, she shares the look of her country house which has a touch of vintage or rustic design. We see her inclination towards wooden furniture and how she combines them with modern pieces

Vintage Revivals

Mandi shows us all about fearless DIY projects in her blog Vintage Revivals. In her section “Room Reveals,” she shows us how antique or vintage furniture can easily be incorporated into a colorful, modern space. Her posts also contain tutorials that are inspiring and easy to follow.

Emily Clark

Emily loves finding bargains and rearranging her furniture. On her blog, she shows us how to make an old piece of furniture look totally new without having to spend a lot. She aims to inspire and encourage readers to make their own homes a place that they would love.

Lilyfield Life

Because of her passion towards painting and restoring old furniture, Fiona shares a lot of vintage-inspired design on Lilyfield Life. You’ll find how-to articles on buying, cleaning, upholstering, restoring, and painting vintage furniture pieces. You’ll also find step-by-step instructions and photos of her tutorials, making it easy to follow.

A Beach Cottage

Stylist and photographer Sarah blogs about her new life by the sea in A Beach Cottage. Every week you’ll get to read a new post about white paint, vintage finds, coastal designs, or anything about her creative, happy life in an Australian cottage. Sarah wants her readers to learn simple ways to love their homes.

Not only will these blogs help antique lovers get the look they want for their homes, they would also give more insight about aged furniture pieces.


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    Emily Clark // January 16th, 2015 at 8:42 am

    Thanks so much for including my blog on this great list!

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