Antique French Armoires – Modern Uses

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The term “armoire” has its origin in the French word “arma”. “Arma” means implements, tools or weapons. Armoires were age-old cabinets originally built for storing weapons as the hanging cupboards made from oak as far back as in the 17th century. They were heavy and cumbersome. With years, armoire evolved into a more contemporary and versatile piece of furniture. People are willing to spend large sums to acquire classy antique French armoire for their elegance and the sophisticated look. Antique armoire is exquisite and beautifully decorated. People buy an antique French armoire to adorn their homes. An antique French armoire endorses their social standing.


An Antique French Armoire is built from good quality materials and oak as a result of which they are extremely durable. These Antique French Armoires can merge into any ambience and complement to other furniture in the room. During the middle of the 20th century, modern homes made way to closets, making the armoire more or less obsolete. But then again the antique French armoire has started making its presence felt in a modern home with a vengeance.

Antique armoires were built in different sizes and styles. You can choose an antique French armoire based on the space in your living premises to highlight its presence. An antique French armoire should not be too prominent either to avoid the other furniture getting eclipsed by its dominance. Checking the height, width, and depth of the French antique armoire before you actually make the purchase can save lots of sweat. The style of your antique French armoire should vie with the other Oak or other furniture in the room. If your room is built on simple lines plain antique French armoire is better than the ornate one. It should actually fall in place with the scheme of furniture in quiet harmony and the room should become more inviting to a guest rather than scare him away.

If you have already chosen an antique French armoire, get it professionally appraised. The hardware on the antique French armoire should not only enhance the look and feel of the armoire but also that of the rest of the room. Antique French armoire appeases you and your senses with its impending charisma and appeal. Antique French Armoires are distinct, classy, and beautiful. The same goes true with an Antique French bed, Antique French wardrobe, Antique French dresser or any other specific Antique French furniture. Antique French armoires come with hand crafted quality. Antique French armoires were built from high quality Oak with exquisite craftsmanship. The hand-crafted quality remains a challenge hard to beat by any modern technology.

Antique French armoire is unquestionably original which is why people prefer them. In the fast changing trends of the furniture world the antique French armoire remains a stalwart when it comes to originality and durability. You can double an antique French armoire as a writing table or just lazy by it nursing a drink. While the antique washstands and commode chests have been relegated by the modern bathroom ceramic ware your antique French armoire remains a loyal and imposing bedroom asset.

Modern Uses for the Antique French Armoire

  • Your antique French armoire can be a wardrobe with doors and shelves for your clothes
  • Your antique French armoire can be a safe storage vault for your Jewelry and accessories
  • Your antique French armoire can be a toy bin for your children
  • Your antique French armoire can be PC hutch
  • Your antique French armoire can be an entertainment station holding your LCD televisions, game boxes, DVD players and other pieces of entertainment
  • Your antique French armoire can be a jewelry cabinet for the men of family for their valuables documents, accessories and souvenirs

Antique Armoires, a Gift of Extra Storage Space

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When we start off independently managing a small household, it would invariably appear very spacious. Friends and parents bring in horde of gifts. Marriage and occasions bring in more memorabilia. We tend to do lots of impulsive shopping to fill in the rest of the space to the point of cluttering the house.

Every time we dust them and put them back on all those surfaces they have occupied since they came in, we would be wishing for a bigger place to live in, as a decent solution for storage issues.

Every room in the house seems to be hard hit and appears to be needing an immediate reprieve from the clothes, winter ware socks, ties and suits or those items that you want to hide from sight strewn across the bedroom.

The solution is an Armoire – antique or contemporary.

An armoire is a tall cabinet with drawers, shelves, and doors.

Armoires are used for storing clothes or household items.

An armoire is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used for

  • Decoration
  • The main storage unit in any room for clothes, household furnishings, china
  • Stereo equipment/computer

History of Armoires:

In French word “arma” means gear, tools or arms. Armoires are the ancient cabinets for storing weapons.

Since, the original heavy and massive Armoires of the 17th century, they underwent changes to a more contemporary and versatile armoire used as a clothes closet in homes that had no built-in closet. Armoires were once made of beautifully finished wood waxed or painted.

If you are a connoisseur of antique armoires imported from Europe, or you collect vintage, and reproduction furniture, mainly from France and England or love Country French furniture is the right place for your shopping.

Today, an armoire can be fitted with shelves, drawers, hanging poles, or left open to allow the storage of clothes, jewelry, toys and home entertainment centers/computes.

An armoire allows you to organize your life in a limited space while maximizing the storage and the ease with which you can access the item you need.

An armoire helps you

  • Organize your personal items
  • Store folded clothes/hanging them
  • Access shoes, ties, scarves, belts, keys and wallet easily
  • Lock away your jewelry and other accessories safely
  • Hide dirty laundry and toiletries,
  • Protect DVD, personal electronics and audio equipment from dust and sun

An armoire creates storage space in any room of your house:

  • In a bathroom for your linens
  • In a guest room to make your guests feel at home
  • An armoire will keep the things handy but out of sight
  • In a home office it holds a computer, printer, fax machine and the stationery
  • In a child’s room it protects baby clothes and stashes the toys
  • For older children an armoire is a homework desk that also stores their books, school bags and their sports gear
  • In the kitchen it stores all your cooking supplies, pans and dishes
  • In a dining room an armoire can be a home to all your china, crystal, silver, seasonal tableware, and decorative pieces
  • In a living room area an armoire is a home entertainment centre with a glass cabinet for all the souvenirs, curios and the memorabilia

You name your personal or official storage needs. The solutions are infinite in the vast array of the armoires. offers incredible collection of Antique Armoires, Vintage Armoires, Antinque French Armoires, Country French Armoires imported from France and England.


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