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Pets Rule

Part Four

Thursday, 3rd April 2014 No Comments »

A breath of fresh air came into our lives when we adopted Charlotte aka Charlie. From the moment we met her, the two of us knew she was an old soul. Replacing Ruby was no easy task. Even more difficult was becoming the stepsister to Denver. She took on her new roles with confidence and finesse, never missing a beat.

I remember letting her out for the first time at our house with the thought I may lose her in the bushes. We put her on the ground outside the door. She sat down, looked around, then got up and went in the yard. Three minutes later she was back at her point of departure wagging her tail.
I knew then she was a pretty smart little girl and she would do just fine. Charlie is four years old now. She leaves the house before daybreak and drives as co-pilot to work with Richard. She assists in opening up the store and greeting all of our employees as they file in. Her next job is to take a nap before Jake comes in for a.m. playtime. Jake is our daughter’s Shar-Pei who also comes to work every day because his mom is our excellent photographer. The rest of Charlie’s day is filled with being the official door greeter, working the room for more treats and many naps.

As Denver went for comfort, Ruby preferring fabric, Miss Charlie May prefers a curved shaped piece of furniture. She nestles her back into anything that is curved. We figure it’s a protection instinct, always having her back covered.

Here are Charlie’s picks.

“Because I am a star”
#j1544 – c. 1850 French Gueridon Inlaid Table


“Great for relaxing and watching television”

#j1513 – Pair of Vintage Original Leather Moustache Back Club Chairs


“To watch for any crumbs that may fall my way”

#j1417b – Italian Serpentined Figured Walnut Buffet


“Perfect for helping pay the bills”

#j1535 –Petite Antique Napoleon III Two-Drawer Bureau Plat or Desk


“Ideal for watching the door when I’m waiting for my parents to come home”

#mon2213 – Italian Restored Paint Gueridon or Center Hall Table


Demonstration of how the curves work

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Pets Rule

Part Three

Wednesday, 26th March 2014 No Comments »

Now it’s Ruby’s turn. She was added to our family with Denver, her biological brother. Somehow, some way, I got talked into adopting two puppies. Déjà vu! Raising twin daughters was challenging enough, and now I get a life lesson repeat with dogs. My daughter promised she would help. Again I gave in as I did with Hector, and again I was abandoned when she got her first apartment two weeks later.

Ruby was definitely the alpha of the duo. She loved to play with toys and goad her brother into leaving the sofa.

Denver (left), Ruby (right)


Untrue to her breed, she wanted to chase every car and motorcycle down Ogden Avenue, where our original store was located.

Ruby really had a taste for fabric. Her choices were always top of the line. She died young, unfortunately, but if she were here to pick her favorites in the showroom, they would include the following.

#jr40796 – 17th C. Hand Made Tapestry


#avi2117a – 18th C. Italian Venetian Carved Sofa with Silk Linen Upholstery


#j1527 – Vintage French Leather Club Chair Suite
This is what I would pick for Ruby—she can’t eat concrete!
#mon2012 – Antique French Faux Bois Garden Table and Chairs

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Pets Rule

Part Two

Tuesday, 25th March 2014 No Comments »

Eleven and a half years ago we brought Denver into our family. He was a cream, horse coat Chinese Shar-Pei. True to his breed, he was aloof but totally loveable to his family and friends. He rarely barked, but when he did, you knew he meant it. He came with his sister, whose story we will tell next week. Both shared the same carrier on the airplane ride from Oregon. Denver, who was the larger of the two, hid in the back corner and we couldn’t get him out. Finally, when he emerged, he had a tiny bite on his forehead. That was a gift from his little sister, telling him that she was the boss.

That pretty much summed up Denver’s temperament. He was Shar-Pei only when he needed to be. He loved watching TV and sitting on the sofa.

Denver came to work every morning. He took his job seriously.

Denver died recently. So we have picked out what would have been his pick in the showroom.


When he didn’t want to share his space

#misc401 – Vintage French “Bomber” Leather Club Chair

When he wanted to share his space

#opc94 – Mid-Century Tufted Back Sofa with Gold Feet


When he wanted to watch TV

#j1421 – c. 1780 French Walnut Armoire


When he was looking for scraps

#mon3200 – c. 1840 Italian Trestle Farm Table

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Pets Rule

Part One

Saturday, 15th March 2014 No Comments »

Hector, came to us when he was less than a year old. In a weak moment, we said yes to our son who at the time desperately wanted a macaw. That was 35 years ago! Somewhere along the way, the romance wore off and Hector became 100% ours. And so, the beginning of a new career for him. His responsibility was to entertain children and their parents while they shopped.

So you might say Hector has been in the antique business for 23 years.

Being in the biz for that long, Hector has some favorite items he would like to share.

“When I want an ariel view…

I go to my favorite armoire”


“When I want to blend into the decor…

I sit on this bookshelf among the books”


“When I want to be the center of attention…

I perch on this vintage glass table”


“When I want to hide…

I sit under my favorite table”


“When I want to show off…

I sit atop this black buffet”


“Last but not least, there’s no place like home…

in my cage”

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Interior Design 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Home Decorating (infographic)

Tuesday, 18th February 2014 No Comments »

For many of us, a truly enjoyable activity is redesigning or reconfiguring a room or space through the introduction of new furniture, paint, color schemes, or design elements. Whether you are aiming to update the look of your room, want to dress up your office, or are seeking a way to breathe new life into your space through the introduction of antique furniture, Antiques on Old Plank Road can help.

We have designed an exciting and informative new infographic that takes the mystery out of changing colors, introducing patterns, or adding furniture or other accessories to your room.

Though full of excitement and possibilities, redesigning a room or space can be a stressful and overwhelming undertaking for many of us. By following a few simple guidelines as outlined in our infographic, you will gain an understanding of the design fundamentals.  These basic concepts can help you design and execute on the space you’ve always dreamed of.

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