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Antique Clocks to Decorate Your Home

Saturday, July 26th, 2008 | Antiques, Clocks with No Comments »

Clock in human race has been used as a device from millennia in one way or the other. The history of clock goes long way into the depths of ancient world. These clocks are used in different classic styles to decorate your home in a vast array of designs and styles in all sizes and shapes.

When it comes to choosing one you would think to have a pickup based on your room. There is probably nothing that will look gorgeous or more unique, than an antique clock mounted on a wall. These Antique Wall Clocks literally transform and lighten a room by dressing up on a wall. When compared to other clock types, these antiques wall clocks also pay more, as they are in great demand to buy them.

Most antique wall clocks are of mechanical pendulum driven in a wood case with movements by making use of hanging weights pulling down a chain, while modern wall clocks are often quartz movements which are energized by battery.

Antique clocks are extremely popular, whilst with purchase of any of these clocks; one must remember that replacement parts for antiques clocks can be extremely expensive. Not all varieties of antique clocks may have this problem. So be cautious before you choice your items.

These antique clocks are classified in different ways such as long case clocks, shelf clocks and wall clocks etc. Clock experts may call these antiques clocks with different names according to geographical differences and trade custom. Naming the antique clocks differs, like England may call shelf clock, where as US citizens call the same as “mantle clock” and some grandfather or grandmother clocks are referred to as “tall case” or “long case” clock.

Long case clocks: Under long case clocks grandmother clocks, Antique French Tall Case Clock, Country French Antique Tall Case Clock are very popular and these are made with Oak, walnut woods and in fact these are 6’3″ tall or less. While you can find grandmother clocks in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, the basic components of these clocks are all about the same. These antique clocks are driven by weights or windup clocks. The wooden case of grandmother clock is carefully crafted and is sturdily constructed.

Shelf clocks: From traditional antique to modern trendy, these shelf clocks have added a notable touch to your decor. These shelf clocks or mantle clocks are relatively small and are moved easily. These antique clocks are placed on shelf or above the fire place. These antique clocks are often orated by decorative works in different styles. They are battery powered devices. Art Deco Clock & Book Ends, English Folk Art Dove Cote with Clock are the best examples of shelf clocks.

Wall clocks: These wall clocks offer various styles of quartz driven movements. They look beautiful, modest and accurate for any room. Antique Napoleon III Clock is one of the best among the wall clocks. These types of clocks mostly have a brass accents with enamel numbers. Other best wall clocks are Antique french oak wall clock, this is usually crafted with oak wood to give a classic and royal look. Vintage Seth Thomas Clock is a pendulum driven wall clock which gives a unique nature with octagonal shape. The dial is encompassed by an octagonal frame, all done in wood case. There are endless varieties of antique wall clocks such as Antique Barometer and Swedish Tall Case Clock, which adds elegance and class to your home.

Antique clocks price range is based on age, style, size and quality. Decorate your home with a timepiece that showcases your unique style and taste. brings you a wide selection of decorative antique clocks at an best price.

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