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Antique wood furniture is often one of the most valuable pieces within a home. To preserve its beauty and maintain its value, these precious pieces must be regularly cared for and attended to. Here are some simple ways to care for your antique wood furniture.


Any furniture expert or furniture blogger would agree that cleaning is always one of the most fundamental ways to take care of your antique wood furniture. Whether you store it for many months or use it regularly, dust and dirt will always find a way to accumulate and settle. This gives way for molds, discoloration, and other types of damage. Make sure that you stick to a consistent cleaning schedule to ensure that your antique wood furniture retains its beauty and durability. Use a small vacuum, a small paintbrush, or old cotton rags to wipe dirt away.

Avoiding Moisture

Moisture is an enemy of wood furniture. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria that causes mold or insect infestation. It affects its fibers, which can negatively affect the quality of the wood. Wood that has gone through prolonged exposure to moisture may cause discoloration, shrink, or warp. When using antique wooden furniture, make sure to keep liquids away to avoid any spills. When a spill does occur be sure to completely wipe the surface right away.

Routine Repairs

This is especially important for furniture that is frequently used. Early repairs can prevent further damage from occurring. Excessive wear can damage antique wood furniture, which is why it’s critical to inspect them from time to time and repair any damages. Always replace broken legs, knobs, or hinges right away. When in doubt, consult an expert for details on repairs or replacement parts.

Antique furniture is made with the goal to last for many years. This longevity can be hindered by several factors that you can easily avoid while you care for your most valuable pieces. Clean, inspect, and maintain. With this in mind and you are sure to enjoy your antique wood furniture for many years.

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