Aged-looking statues can give your outdoor landscape an established and elegant look. If you don’t have antique statues, don’t worry – you can give ordinary statues a weathered look. Here are some of the simplest ways you can do it yourself.

Using Black Emulsion Paint

Black emulsion paint brings out an aged and worn-out look to statues. This is done by coating the statue with a mixture of PVA glue and water. Once the statue is thoroughly coated, give it some time to dry. Mix a very small amount of black emulsion paint to water. A little goes a long way so the mixture should resemble dirty water. Coat the outdoor statue with this solution and let it dry again. To finish, use an old sponge sanding block to remove the cement from the statue’s high points.

Using Black Oxide

Black oxide is another effective agent in aging an outdoor statue. Black oxide is mixed with water and applied to the surfaces. This needs to be left overnight to allow the reaction to take place. The next day, dip the painted statue into a diluted acid solution. Use a sponge to remove the excess black oxide to give your statue an aged look. As a safety precaution, remember to use gloves when doing this process.

Encourage the Growth of Moss

Aside from staining, another effective way is to encourage the growth of moss. To accomplish this, wet your statue thoroughly and soak it overnight. You can also cover it with a mixture of yoghurt and water. To speed up the process, rub clumps of moss on it if you have some that is already growing in your garden.

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